Eachine E010C

Cheapest way of FPV

Do you want to start with FPV flying and are you looking for the cheapest way? Then this article is right for you!E010C

All you need to start with FPV is quadcopter, radio and goggles/screen.

It is possible to get into this hobby with only US$ 86.98.


E010C – for only US$ 36.99  you get a tiny quadcopter with camera and video transmitter already attached onto it. There is also a radio and battery+charger included in this package. Surely it is not the best machine. But if you want something to start with, this is a great solution. Link – HERE

FPV goggles

VR D2Basically there are two types – ,,LCD in a box“ type and small gogless type. Second one mentioned starts at US$ 350 . So for the beginning I would go for box type. They start at US$ 50 which is great!

I would recommend you Eachine VR D2. For the price US$99.99 you get great goggles with diversity receiving (it improves quality of the received signal a lot) and also a DVR function (possibility to record your flights to sd card). Link – HERE







The cheapest option is Eachine VR008 (US$ 49.99). They will also do the job for the beginning. Link – HERE





Spare parts:

Get some extra batteries so you can fly longer – HERE

spare motors (in case of some fatal crash or faulty) – HERE

Spare propellers – HERE



Nice case – HERE

stronger motors – HERE

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