This build is pretty cheap (except the frame and FPV system) and its performance is little bit better than average. Its not my fastest but still my favourite build because of its solid performance. Currently I have got 2 of these and if I want to fly without any problems, I always choose these two. One as a main and one as a backup (in case of crash). If I want to build a bucket build with great performancey I would go for this one.



Its pretty expensive frame, but the quality of the carbon is outstanding, I have crashed mine a few times and the frame still looks as a new one. There is a lot of space for the build and also the cam can be placed easily.    Link – HERE


naze32Flight controller

I have got Naze32 in this quadcopter. I am satisfied with it. Its cheapest FC on the market right now and still it is my favourite.    Link – HERE



I have got Racestar 25A regulators in it. They do their job pretty well. I have got lastest Bl_Heli on them. Link – HERE



There are Racestar 2205 2300 KV. They cost little bit under 30 US which is absolutely amazing. I love these motors. Again, they are not the most powerfull, but for the price they are awesome. You can choose from 7 colors and they look realy cool. Link – HERE


Camerafoxeer 1177

Foxeer 1177 –  34 USD, this cam is my favourite. It can be configured via cable which is included. Link – HERE 


foxeer transmitterVideo transmitter

FOXEER TM25 switcher – transmitter with great quality. It is switchable (25/200/600mW). There is 4cm long cable to mount the antenna in, so it is easy to mount everything into the frame. Link – HERE



Matek – It makes build a lot easier. I usualy use only these






-straps, marker, zip ties

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