FrSky Taranis X-LITE

A lot of people asked for portable radio. Something like Turnigy Evolution, but without the useless display and with better protocol thank flysky. And here it is – the new Frsky Taranis X-LITE!


You can choose from Black or Red. It has got 2x 3way switch, it could be upgraded with hall gimbals. There is also gamepadstyle button for moving in the menu. At the bottom there is a slot for SD card and also mini usb connection.

It has got 16 channels and there is the best part – it supports external modules! So like with its bigger brother x9D, you can easily plug in the crossfire module.


There was some whisperring about the price, it should be about 130usd. Its not for sale yet, here is the LINK –









Brand name: FrSky
Item name: Taranis X-LITE
Color: red, black (option)
Digital high accuracy hall sensor gimbals
Open source operating system – OpenTX
Easy access battery
Ergonomic design
Internal and external antennas
Supports external modules
Mini USB-B port, Headset port and Micro SD card slot
128*64 outdoor readable LCD
Smart Port

Package included:
1x X-Lite transmitter
1x Manual



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