My name is David and I am from the Czech republic. I am 28years old and FPV racing is my passion.

I studied programming at the technical high school and then I successfully finished the University. My specialization was communication and information systems. It included many interesting studies about signals, antennas, basic programming and so on so there I started my interest for technologies.

My first meet with FPV was on youtube almost 3 years ago. I saw a legendary ,,star-wars“ fpv racing in the forest. That day something new born in my mind and I knew that this is what I want to do. I have instantly bought my first fpv goggles – FatShark Attitude V3. Then I was browsing a few RTF 250 size quadcopters and bought Eachine Racer 250. That was not the best option because for next half a year I did not fly at all. Every time I tried to fly with it, something blew out. After a month of waiting I repaired it and was ready to fly again but then something else blew out and so on.

Finally after a few months I built very first quadcopter. It was great compared to which was on the market those days.

I started with just a freestyle at the beginning, then I attended first czech race event at the end of 2017. Since then I started to attend czech events regularly in 2018. In the second half of summer I attended my first international event which was FAI world cup in Slovakia. The result for me was great, I left with the 3rd position and with the feeling I can compete also internationally. Since then I went for another 3 world cups (Finland, Switzerland, Germany) and I managed to be 3rd overall for 2018 FAI season. I earned my invitation for WDC in Istanbul (Turkey) which was highlight event in 2018.


  • 1st at Hungaroring 2021 – Hungary 
  • 1st at FAI International world cup – Serbia 
  • 1st at Melnik race /Czech league/ 
  • 1st at Reporyje race /Czech league/  – link
  • 3rd at Klatovy race /Czech league/ 
  • 4th at Aircrasher DCS Stettfeld/Neubrunn – Germany  – link

2020 (Covid year):

  • 1st at BFCL 1# + DRF championship – Italy 
  • 3rd at BFCL 2# race – Italy 


  • 2nd overall in czech FPV league 2019 season
  • 4th overall in FAI world cup 2019 season
  • 1st at FAI International World Cup – Macedonia
  • 2nd at Plzen race /Czech league/ link
  • 2nd at VELOX Opatovice /Czech league/ link
  • 2nd at Melnik race II. /Czech league/ link
  • 2nd at Havirov race /Czech league/ link
  • 3rd at #9 Norway fpv league race – Norway link
  • 3rd at FAI International World Cup Cesis – Latvia link
  • 3rd at Rotorama Dronfest Pilsen 2019 link
  • 7th at FAI International World Cup – Belgium link
  • 8th at FAI International World Cup – Germany link
  • 8th at FAI International World Cup – Poland link
  • Participated at WDC Istanbul – Turkey link



  • 3rd overall in FAI world cup 2018 season
  • 3rd overall in czech FPV league
  • 1st at Zbrrojovka exhibition race 2018 – link
  • 1st at Havirov Rotorama race /Czech league/ – link
  • 2nd at Rotorama Open Future port /Czech lague/
  • 2nd at Opatovice Rotorama race /Czech league/ – link
  • 3rd at FAI international World Cup Trencin – Slovakia – link
  • 3rd at FAI international World Cup Bitterfeld – Germany – link
  • 4th at Rotorama Dronfest Pilsen 2018 /Czech league/ – link
  • 7th at FAI international World Cup Jamijarvi – Finland
  • 18th at WDC World cup Istanbul – Turkey – link


  • 1st at Podolanka FPV Race Freestyle Competition
  • 2nd at Rotorama Dronfest Pilsen 2017
  • 3rd at FPV Race VrTULe Liberec 2017

A few months ago I started with reviewing FPV related products (mainly from banggood which sometimes provides me free samples). All my videos can be found on my YT channel spaglFPV. Its very time consuming and at this time I am very busy. But I try my best to find a few hours every week to add a new review.

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