Firefly micro HD cam – ,,micro GoPro“

When I was asked to do a review of Firefly micro HD cam, I thought it will be similar to other types of these micro cams (SQ11,SQ12, …). So I did not expect anything from it at all. But hey, this is something completelly different ….

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There are only 2 buttons. One is for changing the resolution of the footage (720p/1080p). The second one is for turning it on (long press) and then (short press) for recording. There is small LED which shows you the state of the cammera. If it blinks green then you are recording. Bad point – The LED is hard to see.



Its made of plastic with amazing weight – 15.6gr. The front side is all made of glass (I would use some king of protective shield there). The battery is integrated and should last for 2-3hours while recording.



The market with micro quadcopters grows every day but there was a hole for the camera which is capable of HD recording. At this moment, there is awesome solution – runcam split mini, but due to its high double stack which you need to put inside of your quadcopter, its unable to use it with most of the micro frames. So this firefly micro cam is perfect solution, You just mount it on the top of the quadcopter (camera frame is included in the package, its like 30° angle)


+ price+ weight+ quality of the recording
– LED is hard to see– vulnerabilty



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